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March 20, 2014

This website is no longer updated so no further posts will be added by the owner. He would like to stress however, that it is to be kept public for reference purposes for a year or two; for information about waters abroad, and for light reading!

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Thank you for supporting him over the years and enjoy your fishing, whilst he enjoys his golf and a new life.

All the best.



RIP Flash 7/7/2002 – 5/8/2013

August 6, 2013
Flash enjoying the snow in Northern Italy in 2010

Flash enjoying the snow in Northern Italy in 2010

It saddens me to inform loyal/long-term and new readers of my blog, that Flash, my brown and tan Doberman of eleven years, was put to sleep at 4am on Monday morning. He had sudden complications during the night and his vital signs were fading rapidly once we reached the vet. The vet administered the injection to help him sleep peacefully, and had my boy not woken me in the night so we could say our goodbyes, I am convinced I would have found him dead on his bed, in my parents kitchen.

He preferred his dad's bedchair to his own bed!

He preferred his dad’s bedchair to his own bed!

Fortunately he had a great life for a dog, and the end was quick and pain free. Really that is all you can ask for when you own a pet. I lost Charley on Boxing Day of 2010, and I still have her ashes in Spain.  I will scatter their ashes together, at a swim at Sierra Brava, where they both shared a few treasured and happy moments together in November 2010. They can be together once more, and run free.

Flash and Charley at Madine in 2009.

Flash and Charley at Madine in 2009.

Run free boy...

Run free boy…


Jake Langley-Hobbs


Cassien Carp Tours Fully Inclusive Packages.

August 2, 2013
Good Afternoon.
I am writing this post from the UK. Having been back in the UK since early June, I have been enjoying the fine weather we have all been having. Having spent the last two summers in Spain where it reaches 42+ degrees regularly, I decided to spend my time more wisely this summer, working in the UK, rather than sunning myself in Extremadura. It was a good plan, as not only did I land a job within a day of returning, the weather has been pretty good too.
I return to Spain early October to guide my final batch of clients for 2013. My diary is pretty full in fact, as Jo Green and Mike, plus Mike Salisbury and wife Amanda will be joining me late October. Bristol client and friend will be joining me mid October. He and a friend returns for another session in November. And then the scousers are set to return for their fourth and final assault at Brava, taking me into early December.
I then return back to the UK in December, where I will launch into the next exciting chapter of my life. After six years away from the UK, fishing for most of that time, and guiding for the last three years, it seems the perfect time to return to the UK. I am however, really looking forward to giving my remaining Brava clients their final holidays, and I can’t wait to see how they get on.
I received an email from fellow guide, Matt Woods the other day. He didn’t ask me to post his email on my blog, but I have anyway, as after the whole hoo-haa with the Lake Cassien night fishing saga; it is good to see he is still continuing, and I wish him all the best for the future. He has got some good results with clients, and I know he works very hard to get his clients those results.
Most of my readers will know how much I enjoyed my time fishing at Cassien. If any of you are interested in a trip to the lake, then Matt Woods from Cassien Carp Tours is offering this fully inclusive package. More details below.
One of my many large Cassien carp I was fortunate enough to catch.

One of my many large Cassien carp I was fortunate enough to catch.

Cassien Carp Tours.
Now offer fully inclusive trips including Lunch and 3 Course evening meals each evening with reduced prices on drink exclusively to my clients.
With only a 2min walk to moored up boats below and out of bed each evening.
Taking away all the hassle of driving down each day and giving you all the flexibility to start and finish as you please.
Evening Meals served with Panoramic views of the South arm or meals brought down to the shores of Cassien.
Total price is £650
All you néed to get is permit and Flights across.
Great deal that saves you all the hassle and gives you the freedom to enjoy Cassien with a lakeside stay.
Villas are also available at extra cost with fully inclusive stays with food, bait, transportation and equipment for £800 based on four sharing.
Matt Woods with a Cassien common.

Matt Woods with a Cassien common.

Jake Langley-Hobbs